11 Cool Grilling Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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It is a fact that food cooked indoors has no comparison in terms of taste when it is about food cooked outdoors. Yes, we are talking about grilled food! Bust out your stainless steel BBQ grill and tongs, and get ready to cook delicious meat. 

Grilling Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

So, if you really love barbequing then this blog is one of the most precious pieces that you would find on the internet as here we will be discussing 11 cool grilling hacks that will blow your mind.

Let’s get started. 

1. Apply Your Rub Before Cooking

applying rub

You should apply your rub on the meat an hour before cooking them on your stainless steel BBQ grill. But, do not overdo it. You can use salt, granulated garlic, pepper, and grilled onion to prepare the rub, and you are good to go. 


2. Marinate Your Meat With Beer

marinate with beer

To get an enhanced flavour in your meat, this trick can really help you big time. Marinate the meat with beer and try new recipes like the garlic beer marinade recipe. 


3. Let The Coal Turn Grey

let the charcoal turn grey

It might seem to be stressful for you, but to cook some delicious barbeque, you need to wait till the coal turns grey. Trust us, it is worth it. Wait till the coal trunks grey and starts to have a little glow on it before you start. 


4. Add Wood Chips To Get It Smoky

add wood chips

It is a good idea to add some small wood pieces in with the briquettes and then add the wood right after you see the initial fire starting to die. That will give your meat a tasty smoky flavour. 


5. Use Aluminium Foil To Clean Your Grill

aluminium foil to clean bbq

Does your stainless steel BBQ grill look a bit crusty? Is a decent cleaning brush costing you too much? Well, then there is something that can really help you with it. Crumple a sheet of aluminium foil up and make it a tight ball. Scraper it against your grill, and it will become as clean as new. 


6. You Can Also Use Onion

Onion is also a good alternative to aluminium foil. Onion contains moisture as well as acidity which is also capable of rubbing off the residue from a used barbeque grill. Rubbing your stainless steel BBQ grill with an onion before cooking will also help you prevent your meat from sticking on the grill.


7. Take Your Meat Off A Minute Or Two Before

If you take the meat off the grill just a few minutes before it is done, the heat trapped inside will keep cooking the meat from the inside. This hack helps your meat from getting overcooked. 


8. Flip Your Meat Just Once

flip your meat

To help your meat retain its juices, you need to keep in mind to flip your meat just once while cooking it. To get the best taste of your meat, all you need to do is cook one side completely and then flip it on the other side to continue.


9. Poach Sausages Before Grilling

poaching sausages

Poaching your sausages before grilling them is an amazing idea to make sure that they are evenly cooked. Not just that, but this hack also helps getting rid of the unwanted fat. 


10. Use Charcoal For Authentic Taste

charcoal for taste

If you just focus on the convenience of cooking, you can opt for a gas grill, but a charcoal stainless steel BBQ grill will definitely give your meat the classic flavour of barbeque. 


11. Keep It Simple

Seasoning your meat before putting it on the grill is a must. But, preparing it with onion or pepper chunks might not sound like a good idea. Try to keep it simple.

keep it simple

These hacks, if used properly, can really rejuvenate your taste buds with delicious grilled meat. Do try them and share these with your friends if you find them useful enough. Let’s get grilling!

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