7 Safety Secrets You Didn't Know About Portable Fire Pit Camping

camping fire pit portable fire pit camping

Autumn tells us to spend more time with our friends and family. And, what can be a better way of doing so, than experiencing an autumn evening together enjoying delicacies with portable fire pit camping. Nothing, isn’t it? 

Although this seems to relish, there are some safety secrets about portable fire pit camping that you should know. Stick to this blog to find out what they are.

1. Check Wind Conditions

You should go through the weather forecast before starting with your portable fire pit. If they say that the weather will be windy, then drop the plan for the day. Because you never know when the wind goes harder and sparks start spreading all around creating an uncontrollable fire.

2. Pick Open Space For Barbequing

Keep the fire away from dry wood, the overhang of your building, beneath trees, or any other flammable object. Try to pick a place that has a clear sky and is not around any waste yard. This is as wayward sparks can ignite flammables all around and land you in a fire emergency.

3. Be Ready To Beat Out The Flame

Fire usually attracts people closer with the warmth that it provides. But, it can also destroy things like no other force. So, before getting started with your fire pit camping, you need to have an eye at the speed as well as the direction of the wind and be ready to deal with anything serious that happens. Keep a shovel and water nearby so that you can reach out to it in emergency cases.

4. Don’t Keep Chairs Near The Camping Fire Pit

Being careful around the fire is everyone’s thing. But, usually, people tend to come a bit closer to the fire while grilling their food over the camping fire pit. In such a case you need to be careful. Make sure to keep your sleeves up and your hair tied back while tending fire or grilling on an open flame. And, you need to keep your chairs at a safe distance from the open flame while you are enjoying portable fire pit camping.

5. Don’t Leave The Fire Unattended

Although if the fire seems like it has died and just the glowing embers are left, do not take the risk of leaving it all alone even if you wish to just bring a can of beverage from your refrigerator, placed indoors. Make sure to extinguish the fire completely before leaving the fireplace, no matter what the cause.

6. Store Your Firewood Safely

To keep the fire going on throughout the evening, and enjoy with your friends and family to the fullest, you need to make sure that you have enough fuel i.e., firewood to feed it. However, you need to keep the wood at a safe distance so that you can feed your fire at your own pace. Also, keeping firewood too close to the fire can end you up in a fire emergency.

7. Drink Responsibly

This is something that you need to take care of if you are an alcohol fan. First of all, alcohol is flammable. And, secondly, alcohol impairs people from making sane judgments, proper coordination, and reflexes. This can be really dangerous when you are around fire. Of course, you can drink near a camping fire pit, but keep in mind to do it in moderation. 

So, these were the safety tips that you need to keep in mind before arranging a portable fire pit camping with your loved ones. Be safe and keep your family safe. 

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