Top 2021 Bbq & Grilling Trends to Try

bbq trends grilling trends

We are already into a new year, and things are yet far from getting back to normal. So, here the best we can do to stir up our new year is with food. We have come pretty far ordering food. So, it is high time we shift to cooking ourselves. And, what can be better than cooking on a camping fire grill

To help you with the same, we have come up with 5 top BBQ and grilling trends that you should try in 2021. 

1. Try Grilling Veggies

veg grill

Grilling veggies standbys like corn, zucchini, and pepper are eternal. But, what if we tell you that grilling vegetables like snap peas, brussels sprouts, and okra has become a trend as we walk into 2021. We will also start with grilling vegetables the way we have been grilling animal protein. How about spit-roasting a whole cauliflower on the best stainless steel BBQ? Grilling vegetables along with meat can prove to be of great health benefit. 

2. New Spices To Try Out

spices on bbq

Have you heard of garam masala? How about dukkah? Nope? Well, let us tell you that grilling on a camping fire grill can be very fun and tasteful when executed with these exotic spice combinations. Yes, garam masala is an Indian spice blend, and dukkah is nothing but an Egyptian seasoning created by blending roasted nuts, several seeds, and spices like cumin and coriander. Also, you can try paanch phoron, which is a Bengali blend that is created by blending black cumin, fennel, black mustard, fenugreek, and nigella. 

3. The African Grilling Style

African bbq grilling

Although we are used to cooking on a portable camping fire pit, what if we tell you that live-fire cooking originated from Africa? Yes, this is one of the most recent findings of the archeologists regarding the culinary habits of ancient humans. So, why not celebrate that by returning to the old African style of barbequing instead of cooking on your best stainless steel BBQ? Africa has gifted us with some of the best barbequing techniques which include mechoui, the Moroccan style of pit-roasted lamb, and kati kati, or the African grilled chicken. Also, how can someone miss out on the mouthwatering Nigerian beef kebabs? 

4. Plant-Based Charcuterie

 plant based bbq

The term “Charcuterie” is derived from the French word “chair” which means flesh, and “cuite” which means cooked. So, what plant-based Charcuterie means is that grilling the flesh that comes from the garden, i.e., veggies. We are not far from seeing watermelon ham, burdock root meat sticks, carrot hotdogs, and tofu ham being prepared on the best stainless steel BBQ. These smoked and grilled vegetables are some of the best cuisines that you will ever taste if you are a fan of grilled food. 

5. Black Chefs Matter

Black Chefs Matter

The traditional technique of barbequing that we were talking about in the 3rd point of this blog. And, this technique was originated by African slaves as well as their descendants. So, with the Black Lives Matter movement refocusing our eyes on the contribution of black people in the development and progress of the entire world, we should also consider their contribution to our culinary habits and cuisines. 

So, next time when you plan for cooking on your best stainless steel BBQ, do try out these tips and tricks to revamp your culinary habits. Well, trying something new is definitely the call of the minute, especially after spending a whole year in our homes. What are you waiting for? 

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