How to Grill with Honey [ Tips, Benefits & More! ]

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No doubt it is a very good idea to add honey to your marinade or rub. But, to make use of its full potential while grilling on your stainless steel bbq you need to learn a lot more about its properties. 

Honey can burn quickly and quite easily. So, learn more about cooking with honey, take your time to understand the process and then start implementing. 

A Complete Guide To Grilling With Honey

So, here are a few things that you need to know about grilling with honey. 


1. Blending Is Important

 honey blending

Honey is prone to burning. So, you need to be very careful about blending it while you grill. Honey is not so fluid that you will be able to brush it easily on your meat. So, if you blend it with some other liquid or oil or juice, then you will be able to get rid of the chances of potential burning. Not just that, but blending will also give your dish a new taste of flavour. 


2. Different Temperature Zones

different temp zone

There are different temperature zones in your camping fire pit. So, as you start to learn about the different zones in your stainless steel bbq, you will learn how to calibrate them while you are cooking. This will help you understand how to take care of the slow caramelization of the honey. You will also be able to get the desired texture if you are aware of your temperature zones. 


3. Plan For The Texture

texture grill

Honey can serve as a very efficient agent when it is about thickening. And, if you are aware of how to plan for the texture that you are looking for then you will definitely succeed in your cooking job. You also need to marinade accordingly and add herbs and spices when necessary. This will take little practice to understand the perfect combination of flavours. 


4. Honey Comes In A Lot Of Varieties

honey varieties

Honey comes in a good lot of different subtle tastes. Also, when the perfect flavourings are added to honey, you can easily achieve the desired taste of the grilled food. You can use citrus flavours or spicy tones. These flavours fit in perfectly with honey and can really get you the taste that you want. 


5. The Taste Will Improve Manifold

Honey can rejuvenate the taste of your food like you can never imagine. It is one of the first things that you will realise when you grill on your stainless steel bbq using honey. You will experience a big burst of flavours in your mouth. 


6. Be Careful Of Honey Allergies

honey allergies

Do keep in mind that there are many people who have honey allergies and they are not even aware of the same. No matter if you eat honey raw or add it in your marinade, it will trigger your allergies which can lead to serious health issues. So, having a word with your doctor to check if you have such allergies is always recommendable before you start with grilling your meat on a stainless steel bbq using honey. 


7. Honey Will Increase Your Calorie Intake

kalories & honey

For people who are willing to reduce their calorie intake, having food which has honey added to it is never an ideal choice. Grilled food itself is full of calories, so, if you really wish to have grilled food there is no other option other than eliminating honey completely from your food. 

So, to expert your hands in grilling with honey, all you need is some practice. So, start with that and, no doubt you will excel in it in no time. Start with simpler recipes and then steer towards the complicated ones. 

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